What To Look Out For Before Gambling

Learn about the truths behind some common gambling myths and get tips on what responsible gambling is. Enjoy the games but play responsibly.


Truths Behind Common Gambling Myths

  • MYTH: My luck will surely change and I’ll win back all the money I lost if I continue gambling.
    FACT: The outcome of each bet you place is completely independent of your previous bet. The odds are no more in your favor on the tenth bet than they were on your first bet. The more you risk, the more you may lose.
  • MYTH: I’ve worked out a secret strategy that will let me win.
    FACT: The outcome of most games of chance, particularly lotteries and slot machines, is completely random, and not based on probability. Regardless of how you strategise, you cannot influence the result.
  • MYTH: Gambling can never be a problem as long as I can afford it.
    FACT: Regardless of your financial standing, it is important to determine how much you can afford to gamble before you start. This is to avoid losing control over time. Click here to find out more about player safeguards.

Tips on Responsible Gambling

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