RWS Self-Exclusion Terms and Conditions

RWS Self-Exclusion
Terms and Conditions

  1. When you apply for RWS Self-Exclusion, you agree to all the terms and conditions herein.

  1. Commencement, Effect and Duration
  1. Your RWS Self-Exclusion will apply only in relation to the RWS Casino.

  2. Your RWS Self-Exclusion will take effect at the date/time (“Commencement Date/Time”) notified to you in writing.

  3. Once your RWS Self-Exclusion takes effect, you may not enter or remain on the premises of the RWS Casino.

  4. Your RWS Self-Exclusion will remain in force from the Commencement Date/Time until such date/time notified to you in writing.

          B. Revocation

  1. You may apply to revoke your RWS Self-Exclusion not earlier than one year after the Commencement Date/Time of your RWS Self-Exclusion by submitting a revocation application.

  2. To assess your revocation application, RWS may require you to provide documentary proof of your attendance and/or completion of relevant problem-gambling assessment and/or counselling. For the list of recognised counselling service provider(s), please visit the NCPG website at:

  3. The processing of your revocation application may be delayed if your application form or supporting documents are incomplete.

  4. Revocation of your RWS Self-Exclusion shall be at RWS’s sole discretion. If your revocation application is successful, RWS will notify you in writing of the revocation date/time.

          C. General

  1. Other follow-up actions may be required in connection with your application for RWS Self-Exclusion. For example, your casino membership account may be suspended and you may be required to empty and close out your RWS casino safe deposit box.

  2. These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time at RWS’s sole discretion without prior notice to you.

  3. All decisions made by RWS in relation to your RWS Self-Exclusion and/or these terms and conditions shall be final and conclusive in each case.