GD Redemption - Sweet Potato Jan 2020

Precautionary Measures in Response to Novel Coronavirus

Message to our valued patrons:

News reported on a RWS casino employee who tested positive for coronavirus. We are working closely with the Ministry of Health and assisting them on any necessary contact tracing of guests and employees.

Please be assured that all areas and touchpoints in the casino have undergone deep cleaning, thorough disinfection and comprehensive sanitisation.

We are also closely monitoring the health of all our employees including twice daily temperature checks.

Your health, safety and well-being are of top priority to us.

Last updated: 11 February 2020

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Owned and operated by Asia’s largest gaming operator. Resorts World™ Sentosa is unrivalled in its intimate knowledge of Asian gaming preferences. The place brims with activity 24-hour a day, 7 days a week and is complemented by unparalleled customer privileges.

Our trained croupiers and hand-picked Guest Services Ambassadors will ensure our customers get an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Operating Hours: 24-hour

Contact: (+65) 6577 8000



Dress Code

Guests must observe the smart dress code upon entering the casino. Guests wearing singlets, shorts, slippers, hat, caps, helmets, sunglasses, masks, veils or any other items which conceal their facial features (fully or partially) are prohibited from entering the casino.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the operating hours of the casino?
The casino will be open 24-hour every day of the week unless otherwise notified.

2. What items are not allowed in the casino? 
For safety & security reasons, the following items are not allowed in the casino:
a) Firearms of any kind 
b) Knives or any other sharp objects or hazardous or combustible or corrosive item(s) 
c) Luggages, haversacks or large bags
d) Cameras and video cameras
e) Computers and computing equipment including but not limited to laptops & handheld computers 
f) Electronic and/or electrical equipment, gadgets and appliances; and 
g) Such other items which security officers, in their full discretion, may deem unfit to bring into the casino

3. Am I able to bring my mobile phone in? 
All mobile phones are required to be on silent mode and guests are strictly prohibited from any form of still or video photography through the use of any type of devices.

4. Is smoking allowed inside the casino? 
Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas.

5. Are pets allowed inside the casino? 
Guests are advised that no pets are allowed. 

6. What is the amount of chips I can have in my possession? 
Guests are advised that they are prohibited by law to have in their possession casino chips equal to or exceeding S$10,000 in value outside the premises of Resorts World™ Sentosa.