Other Player Safeguards

Excessive gambling can cause harm to you and your family. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, there are assistance schemes and counselling helplines available.

Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

Problem caused by excessive gambling are not just financial. It may have negative impact on work, relationships and health. A problem gambler may behave in the following manner:

  • Constantly thinking or talking about gambling
  • Spending more time / money on gambling than they can afford
  • Finding it difficult to control, stop, or cut down on gambling; and feeling irritable when trying to do so
  • Feeling a sense of emptiness or loss when not gambling
  • Gambling more in order to win back losses or get out of financial trouble
  • Borrowing money, selling things, committing (or has considered committing) criminal acts in order to get money for gambling
  • Having increased debt, unpaid bills, or other financial troubles because of gambling
  • Gambling to the last dollar

A simple self-test is available at the National Council on Problem Gambling website https://www.ncpg.org.sg to assess your gambling behavior risks.

Help Resources

If you or someone you know, needs a listening ear or requires information and assistance on gambling problems, you may call:

National Council On Problem Gambling (NCPG)


National Problem Gambling Helpline: 1800-6-668-668 or
Webchat at www.ncpg.org.sg, 8am to 11pm daily

For Enquiries and Appointments:
Call 6354 8154 or Email: [email protected]

Credit Counselling Singapore
Assistance on debt problems
Contact: 6225 5227 | http://www.ccs.org.sg

RWS Casino Self-Exclusion

If you wish to apply to be excluded from RWS casino, you may choose from 1, 2, 3 years or permanent exclusion duration.

At the end of the period, an application to revoke your Self-Exclusion may be required. Patrons must serve a minimum of 12 months to revoke a Self-Exclusion.

Please enquire with our RG Ambassadors or Casino Security to find out more.

RWS Self-Exclusion Terms & Conditions apply.

NCPG Casino Exclusion and Visit Limit

Casino Self-Exclusion is a voluntary application to exclude oneself from the casinos in Singapore.

Voluntary Visit Limit is a voluntary application to limit the number of monthly visits one makes to the casinos in Singapore.

There are 3 types of Casino Exclusion and Visit Limit:

1. Self-Exclusion/Voluntary Visit Limit

Patrons with SingPass may apply through one of the following methods:

  • Proceed to our self-service kiosks at our Members Lounge (outside our casino main entrance) to apply online

  • Apply online at the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) website; 3 separate links for
    • Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents Self Exclusion;
    • Foreigner Self Exclusion;
    • Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents Voluntary Visit Limit

  • Visit the Public Service Centres at Our Tampines Hub or Geylang East Public Library for assistance to apply online

Patrons without SingPass may apply through one of the following methods:

  • Apply in person at NCPG

  • Please call 6354 8154 to make an appointment.
    • NCPG, 510 Thomson Road, #05-01, SLF Building, Singapore 298135

  • Apply in person at Migrant Workers' Centre (for foreigners only). Please visit MWC webpage www.mwc.org.sg for more information.
    • Headquarters (MWC Recreation Club, 51 Soon Lee Road, Singapore 628088)
    • Help Centre (579 Serangoon Road, Singapore)

The minimum period to stay on Self-Exclusion/Voluntary Visit Limit is one year. The Self-Exclusion/Voluntary Visit Limit is in force indefinitely until it is revoked.

2. Family Exclusion/Visit Limit

This is a safeguard to allow family members to exclude a gambler in the family from the casinos or to limit the number of times a gambler can visit the casinos in a month. One visit is defined as a duration up to 24 hours in the casino.

The Exclusion Order will also exclude the gambler from opening or maintaining a Singapore Pools online betting account and prevents him/her from entering a jackpot machine room in Singapore.

Immediate family members can apply for either safeguard. They are defined as spouses, children (including adoptive/step), parents (including adoptive/step) and siblings (including adoptive/step/half-siblings).

3. Third-Party Visit Limit

The Third Party Visit Limit (TPVL) is a social safeguard introduced by the NCPG to protect financially vulnerable individuals who visit the casinos.

If you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident who visits the local casinos, you may receive a letter from NCPG to conduct an assessment of your financial situation. Individuals found to be financially vulnerable or have poor credit records will be issued a Third Party Visit Limit. A Third Party Exclusion Order may be imposed in more severe cases.

Call the National Problem Gambling Helpline 1800-6-668-668 or refer to the NCPG brochures for more information.